Old Soul Club Rubber Stamp
Old Soul Club Rubber Stamp

Old Soul Club Rubber Stamp

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The Old Soul Club is a small club of only two members (Amethy and I, of course). As people who have an interest in antiques and how things are made in the old days, we are very intrigued by the stories behind them. We know we are not alone in this, and so we have thought about organizing a club for members to share their antique pieces, the stories they have, and information big or small they learn about the old days. A club like this would nourish and nurture our interests so they never die in the new digital age.

Although the club is still a thought in our heads, we have decided if one day this idea is to materialize, we would call it the Old Soul Club with this logo.  Who knows? We might actually have a club for you to join in the future days!

This is an original design by misterrobinson.



Width - 32mm
Length - 32mm
Height - 23mm