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Brain Sealing Wax 2.0
Brain Sealing Wax 2.0
Brain Sealing Wax 2.0
Brain Sealing Wax 2.0
Brain Sealing Wax 2.0

Brain Sealing Wax 2.0

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Hi, it's Dr. Robinson again.

I hadn't planned on a comeback after my prescription session two years ago, but there have been requests after requests in my mailbox and I feel that this is my calling to make an appearance especially due to the lack of Halloween vibe this year.

So, here I am bringing you two different prescriptions for those who need that instant pump of creativity. Each bottle contains 11 brain sealing wax.

Take the black pill and bring your creative mind to the unknown side, embrace your craziest ideas, and put them to work.

Take the pink pill and you stay in "reality", but let this be a constant reminder that knowledge is power. Don't forget to nourish yourself with new learnings and creativity will eventually come your way.


Bottle : 77 x 30mm
Brain sealing wax : 12 x 10 x 10mm

*Do not consume these brain sealing wax, they are meant for your eyes, not your mouth. On the bright side of things, it can be challenging to reach the sealing wax, it does require some brainwork and patience, but not impossible, like everything else.