Mama Whale and Baby Wax Seal Stamp

Mama Whale and Baby Wax Seal Stamp

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This Mama Whale and Baby wax seal stamp is misterrobinson’s original design.

Whales are often being compared to us humans not only because we are both mammals on a biological level, it is also because of their style of parenting. Mama whales stay with their whale calves to protect them from predators in their early years. During that time, they love, nurture and teach whale calves survival skills for their later days. All these remind us so much of our parents who are our best cheerleaders in life.

Fun fact: we chose Humpback whales because the mother and baby have a cute trait of whispering to each other.

You can purchase the stamp alone or as a wax seal stamp kit, with choices of 1 or 2 sealing wax stick(s) in random color(s).


Measurement of the stamp is as below:

Stamp head: 28 x 22 mm
Height: 90 mm

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With care, our wax seal stamps should last a good period of time. Its the nature of brass materials to oxidize and tarnish over time when exposed to air, we suggest applying a small amount of olive oil to maintain its shine, wrapping the stamp with tissue paper and putting it back to the original box it comes with after each use to slow down its oxidizing process. If you notice your brass stamp head starts tarnishing, it is best to clean it with Brasso metal polish with soft cloths as instructed on its packaging. After polishing, apply a small amount of olive oil for protection.


All sealing wax we offer, regardless of its style, is supple wax. They are more flexible and mailing friendly than traditional wax. We suggest inquiring about hand sorting mailing services at your local post office.