Sealing Wax Colors For Marble Wax Seal


Ever since marble wax seal became a trend, we have often receive emails and direct messages asking for advice as to which sealing wax color they should pick. It was hard for us to answer the question in the beginning because everyone’s preference differs. What we like can hardly speak for everyone else.

However, being surrounded by wax seals every day for the past 3 years, we have seen and tested a lot of different color combinations. Most are okay, some are exceptionally eye catching, and the rest can be less than appealing. There are definitely a couple of colors that excels in making your marbling wax seal pop than others.

So here I am again, compiling a short but hopefully informative list to provide a better guideline to you all who are tiptoeing into this fascinating world of wax seal marbling!

Before Sunset - best for warm tone colors

Many of our customers like incorporating gold into their marbling seals and their go to choice is usually Champagne Gold. While it is a lovely color on its own, Before Sunset on the other hand is the gold color that can really make your marbling wax seal pop. Of all the gold colors we offer, Champagne Gold leans toward the neutral color range, while Before Sunset is the warmest shade of gold, therefore it compliments very well with other warm tone colors.

This color also gives me some serious Kintsugi vibe, the amazing Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer and gold dust.

A couple of simple combinations would be:

Before Sunset + Deep Raspberry

Before Sunset + Night in Forest

Dusty Rose Starlight - best for cool tone colors

Considering Before Sunset goes best with warm tone colors, Dusty Rose Starlight compliments the cool tone colors very well with its pinkish undertone. This is also a very special color because it has the shiniest micro glitter out of all the shimmering colors, giving a more blinding and interesting result to your marbling seal!

A couple of simple combinations would be:

Dusty Rose Starlight + Truffle Black

Dusty Rose Starlight + Lavender Mist

Dusty Rose Starlight + Cameo White

Cameo White

White itself might not be the best color for wax seal considering the impression on top is less obvious in most lighting compare to other colors, but when you think of marble in general, wouldn’t white consume 75% of the images come in mind? A good simple white color is such perfect color for marbling since it goes well with basically any color in marbling.

White can also turn any color in your collection into a cream color. Want baby pink? Add some white into your pink and there you have it. Add a bit of black into the white wax, mix them well, and there is your elegant gray. You can also create different hues with different mixing proportion. Now think of all the colors you have in your wax collection and the different ways you can tweak with them. The possibility is endless.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for you while choosing wax colors. Until next time!