Behind misterrobinson - Amethy and Crystal


If you have read our about page, you would have figured that we are sisters - Amethy (pronounced literally as amethyst without the "st" sound in the end) being the older and Crystal being the younger. If someone would have told us we would run a business in our mid-20s a couple years ago, we’d probably laugh it off.

It’s true that we had dreamt of having our own store since we were little, but it was nothing too specific when we changed our mind from coffee shop to hair salon to bookstore from time to time. What we had wanted was something to share in between us, and that had always sounded as far away as a dream could be.

Since then, the zodiac signs aligned and our lives had worked their way to give us a chance. We simply chose to grab it and slowly realizing the possibilities had been lying within us all along.

We have figured early on that misterrobinson is definitely not going the legendary route. We did not sell all our belongings and sleep under the bridge for a year saving up investing in this store (forever thankful of Etsy that allowed us to start our business with the small amount of saving we had). misterrobinson is a piece of raw stone that we constantly polish and try to discover whether there is more inside us that can truly shine. It is - at many levels - very personal.

Running a store definitely has much more workload than we had ever imagined. If we had to give ourselves job titles, Amethy would be the Creative Director and Crystal be the Marketing Director, but as well the entry level employees. While we try to work on all tasks together, after the brainstorming process, Amethy basically designs everything while Crystal generally writes everything (yes, you are reading blogs that I write). It is hard work every step of the way, but it is all worth it when our customers reached back to us giving us feedbacks and how they have enjoyed our creations. It surely has kept us motivated in trusting ourselves and creating more designs. We will continue to do projects that excites us because we do not trust ourselves in ever fooling our customers to be excited when we ourselves are not.

Most of the time we are two clueless souls raging forward with the purest ideas in mind, learning our lessons and figuring out through the process. It sure is scary, but it is more fun when we hit different milestones following our own hearts.