misterrobinson is a creative playground for the Iam family. We like to think of ourselves as a wild card because throwing out the most random ideas that came to mind and see what sticks is easily our favorite thing to do. Ever since the beginning of misterrobinson, numerous people had messaged us thinking “he” is an existing human, when Mister Robinson is actually a persona we created to stand behind our brand. In real life, we can be very different people, this brand allows us to bring our best selves together and hopefully create something greater. We are big believers in hard work and fate while our ever-updating goal list (and inescapable obstacles) is the fuel that pushes us forward.

While we all stand behind a brand, below is a slice of information for you to know us a little better in person:


The older of the two sisters. Graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2013 majoring in Product Design. She spent a couple of years working in the design field including toy, furniture, lighting, branding and packaging design before starting misterrobinson. She might only be good at putting together point forms when it comes to writing, but we have got to appreciate that she does all the designs for misterrobinson. Obsessed with her dog son Malago, which is the transliteration of a traditional Cantonese steamed brown sugar cake. She loves visiting a well-designed space and has impulsive cleaning traits that slightly concern people around her.


The younger of the two sisters. Graduated from California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2013 majoring in Communicate - Public Relations. Used to work as a content writer at a small lifestyle magazine, writing various categories including news, trending restaurants and fun reads. Everything you read on this website, she basically wrote them. Constantly trying to do better at blogging but struggle with consistent blog ideas. Serial stalker of her dog niece’s Instagram and follow too many poodle Instagram accounts. Loves herself some antique mixed in with modern minimalism. Highly influenced by Amethy cleanliness-wise. Enjoys reading to balance her mood swing.


The dad who worked the same job outside of the design field all his life but holds a strong passion for anything aesthetic. The man that took his time to foster his two daughters into appreciating Michael Angelo and his other artistic crushes. Willingly provided his extra pair of hands when we needed help the most. Connects the dots within misterrobinson. Strong believer of supportive parenting.


While the mom works a full-time white-collar job, she enjoys taking care of the paperwork for misterrobinson, in which we can’t thank her enough for filling in our weak spot. Looks out for people around her on a daily basis. Constantly on the hunt for new things to learn.


4-year-old toy poodle and also the King of misterrobinson-land. Earned his name from his brown sugar color fur. When he is not working (sunbathing and barking at anyone who walks by the front door), he will surround you with his toys and sleep next to you.